How do I make a voice demo?

Some people were born with a talent for doing voice work. However, even those talented few find it extremely beneficial to take courses in speech, voice and diction. If you have this type of training, or even if you are just starting, your next step should be to cut a voice demo. There is quite a lot of work in voice: it's a lot of fun and you could make a career out of it, or just a hobby.

Your demo should consist of approximately 2 to 5 minutes worth of various texts and demonstrations of unique character voices (accents, cartoon voices, etc...)

Voice demos typically consist of:
1-2 15 or 30-second radio commercials
1 30-second documentary style narration
1 30-second corporate video style narration
1 30-second book excerpt for kids and/or adults
3-5 short segments of character voices or accents (to demonstrate your acting range)

Do not just send a bunch a commercials. That will only limit what you will be considered for.

Do not try to do something that is beyond your abilities. If you cannot do a TRULY CONVINCING Scottish accent then DON'T DO IT!

Stick to the things that will make you shine. If you ever catch yourself watching a commercial, a documentary, or playing a videogame and say "Hey! I could have done that in a better or completely different way!", transcribe the script or dialogue, and record your own version.

We highly recommend that your demo be recorded at a professional recording studio. There are many studios in Montreal but we also offer you a special to record if you come in with your own text. Most studios charge between $50 and $200 dollars per hour. Of course, you can record from your home PC and send us an e-mail containing a few samples of your voice. It won't sound as professional, but it would give us an idea of what you can do.

Take the time to select your segments wisely and according to the type of voice you have. Once you have selected your material, PRACTICE, PRACTICE and PRACTICE!!! That way you will become comfortable with your chosen material and your voice demo will sound that much better. Additionally, it will reduce your time in the studio. Finally, it is important that all segments be saved as separate MP3s files.

Once you have your voice demo, it will be your responsibility to distribute them directly to all the casting directors and studios or through a talent agent.

Voice demos services provided by Agile Sound Studio - 400$
Please contact us at 514.940.0514 or to schedule an appointment.
Offer includes: Private coaching session 2h before recording (either day of, ahead of time allowing a couple days for practice. Texts are all included
-2 hours of studio time
-30 second narration
-Characters (max 3)
-TV/Radio commercials
-Professional audio engineer for recording session
-In-studio voice director
-clean-up and added music
-MP3 or WAV files are remitted

Want to do a voice audition but it is too far or you are not available on the date your agent would like to send you?
Self-voice audition in our studio: $50 and we email it to you and your agent in WAV or MP3. Just Call Jesse.